How a couple from DU made $1M in the lockdown

How a couple from DU made $1M in the lockdown

2022-02-03 06:15:51

During the pandemic , when every school, college, and university were closed, our youth faced a huge setback. The young people of our country went through a dark phase. But there are a few people who were able to make this lockdown worthwhile. Shahriar Hasan (finance 24th) and his wife Fabiha Noshin (International Business 11th) are of them who could make the best use of the lockdown.

In 2020, they started with an eCommerce store in Shopify and tried out different products and markets. Eventually they found a successful product and made a revenue of $1M within a year. Initially, the eCommerce site was registered in Australia. Then, they expanded their business in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. They promoted their product globally mainly focusing on the USA. Their growth rate spiked from 1,000% to 10,000% in 2021. It peaked on July 2021, when the revenue was $248k in that single month.


In December 2021, they sold their business to focus on growing a tech-based workforce with talented youths from Bangladesh.

According to Mr. Shahriar Hasan “It took a lot to finally sell the business last December that we have established from the very beginning. But it was for something greater, something that we have always wanted to do.

They will be working on the most trendy technologies like NFTs and smart chain development. “Now we are working on two tech startups and planning to sniff out NFT in the upcoming days. To do something impactful, we need a team. We have build a team of 10 experts in different industries and continuously expanding. We are committed to build a dynamic team in Bangladesh that can compete in the international market any day.” He added.

This is a true inspiration story not only for Bangladeshi youths, but also for global tech enthusiasts.

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